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For accurate leveling and horizontal angle measurements, the Spectra 24X Automatic Level with Air Dampened Compensator was built for surveyors and construction professionals. This optical construction and surveying instrument is accurate up to 1/16 inch and offers quick setup and easy sighting, making it ideal for various elevation control and alignment tasks.

Built for surveyors and construction professionals, the Spectra A/M Series Automatic Level with Air Dampened Compensator provides accurate leveling and horizontal angle measurements. This optical instrument gives a 1/8-inch or 1/16-inch accuracy option which is great for quick set up and easy sighting. With a minimum focusing distance of 1.97 feet, this auto level gives a better performance in tight spots or on steep slopes.

This Spectra Auto Level features a choice of magnetic or dampened automatic compensator which helps meet the highest accuracy for monitoring long-range leveling applications. With a clearly marked horizontal circle, you can use this instrument for turning basic angles and performing short-range alignments without the need for other instruments. It also has double-sided endless tangent drives for easy targeting and operation.

For easy viewing, The Spectra A/M Auto Level has an adjustable built-in bubble mirror that can be tilted. Plus, it is encased in a metal housing for increased durability. Compatible with most tripods, it features a 5/8-11 tripod thread.


  • 24x magnification
  • 2-foot minimum focusing distance
  • 1/16 inch accuracy
  • 0.5 arc-second compensator accuracy
  • 360-degree horizontal circle
  • Air dampened compensator
  • Double-sided, continuous horizontal tangent drives
  • Bubble mirror for easy viewing of the leveling vial
  • Removable top cover
  • Metal housing and water resistant construction
  • 5/8-11 tripod thread


Spectra Precision DET-2 Digital Theodolite

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DET-2 Datasheet

The Spectra Precision® DET-2 is a rugged, cost-effective theodolite designed to give accurate angle measurements in general construction applications.

The affordable, versatile, easy to use instrument and accessories will increase your productivity when turning angles and setting elevations and lines.The DET-2 has a large liquid crystal display on both sides of the instrument with big, easy to read characters.

A built-in reticle illuminator and LCD back-lighting can be turned on if needed in low light conditions with a single press of a button.

A six button keypad provides easy access to the most common functions. An optical plummet allows quick setup over a control point.

Simple intuitive operation will have your crew in the field being productive without any special training.A 2” accuracy specification along with vertical axis compensation ensures the DET-2 will be accurate enough for your most demanding job requirements.

High quality optics and a 30x magnification telescope with a short minimum focus distance provides for clear, sharp viewing at both long and very short distances.