A pocket-sized personal computer featuring the first data collection software created specifically for construction layout

The Trimble® LM80 is a revolutionary tool in the field of construction layout, designed to make the layout process more productive, accurate and reliable. A pocket-sized personal Layout Manager, the LM80 features the first construction software created specifically to meet the unique requirements of in-the-field construction layout. It's truly in a class of its own. Using the LM80, construction contractors have the ability to input blueprint dimensions and build a digital replica of the layout plan. Then they can use the LM80 to guide the layout of the major points, add string dimensions on the print, as well as calculate diagonals and angles. The LM80 makes more complex layouts-such as curves and arcs-as straightforward as any other structure. In addition to general layout and positioning tasks,the LM80 can also be used for standard field calculations, materials calculations and job site management.

Based on Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system, the LM80 can support the wide range of application software that is available on the market today for Windows CE devices. Its built-in functions include e-mail and Microsoft Office File Viewers, among many others.

LM80 Data Sheet